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We invest in quality

In 2005 Serra Industria Dolciaria opened its brand-new state-of-the-art production plant in Novi Ligure (Province of Alessandria, Northern Italy), in a district with a long-standing confectionery tradition.

We made this major investment to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive and globalised market. We have specialised in producing sugar-free candy, in "mini" format and with a soft centre. Our range also includes chewy candies (toffees) and chewing gum. Today, we supply our key customer - Moderna Distribuzione - with a large and varied assortment of candies and gums in bags and flip-top boxes, positioning our company as a trendy, dynamic and innovative player. Our mission is to reach the highest level of quality and efficiency in the confectionery market and to be a privileged partner for international distribution.

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Our History

Since 1947...

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Continuous growth

A new factory in the Industrial Park at Novi, plus land for future expansion and constantly updated machinery, to be always competitive and look to the future with confidence.

As always.